Into the West

Turn the music on and start reading. Listen to the music all the way through, even if you finish the story first.

Your eyes are closing in sleep, and I am crying. I don’t know why; I feel no pain. I feel triumph. The scars marking my skin glisten in the fading sunlight. The trees above us link their arms, sheltering us.

                I can hear the crying of sea birds in the distance. The eagle is sweeping its wings above us in broad, deep strokes. Water in the stream nearby is chuckling a quiet lullaby. The wind lifts my hair off my forehead, and I can smell salt air upon it.

                Your lashes are dark as ink, sweeping your cheeks. Your smile is tired, but it still makes me want to smile down at you.

                I wonder what you are dreaming of.

                The world around us is merging with something else, something bright. The trees of another forest rise higher than ever, yet I can see over them. You are waking up. You sit up and stare into the light. The sky is bluer than I have ever seen it. The wind, which was gentle, is now strong and proud, sweeping the branches of the trees overhead into a merry verdant dance.

                I can see the sea, and smell it, and the light is getting brighter, yet I can somehow stand it. Our clothes are changing, clean and white and silver where they were red and wet and brown and grubby. I pull you to your feet and we hold hands, staring together toward the horizon. The light is coming, but it can’t be soon enough.

                You are pulling me, or I am pulling you, and we are running, laughing, crying, ‘Come, Come, Come!’

                I am half afraid that this is a dream.

                But then I know it is not. The light comes ever closer, and I run faster than I ever have. It would hurt to run like this, in the old world. Now it is overwhelmingly wonderful, a pounding in my chest and a gasping which does not hurt.

                Then the light is all around us, and we see nothing but a waterfall of the sea, a far green country under a swift sunrise.

I keep writing things like this when I should be working on something else.

Oh well. God bless you all, and have a wonderful day.


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