Just so you can meet Elan and Randal

I suppose that after referencing these characters, you deserve to meet them. So. Short intro time, everyone! Just a couple sentences (I warn you, first draft so it’s a little rough). Just so you know, this is from Randal’s POV.

I wished I could dissolve into a puddle of embarrassed, highly sympathetic goo right then and there, and then slink off to leave them alone. I felt like an idiot. Elan stepped back from her parents.

“Did you bring a handkerchief?” I asked Elan, before realizing that was thoroughly unhelpful and feeling like more of an idiot than ever.

She looked at me and laughed, though the attempt was doomed to failure because it was hiccup-y and sob-y and basically I wasn’t helping at all. She wiped the tears off her face with her hand.

“No. I haven’t. To be frank, I’m not surprised that you don’t either. The universe has stated that it’s only permissible to have a handkerchief when you don’t need one.” She said, and sighed and laughed at the same time.

“Goodbye.” She said, and her parents hugged her one last time.

They walked away hand in hand.

I bit my lower lip nervously. “Do you want to hold hands?”

Elan looked horrified. “NO. That would just be awkward.”

I breathed a sigh of infinite relief. “Wonderful. I just said that to be polite.”

She shook her head. “Then don’t be, I beg you.”

I laughed. I couldn’t help it. Modern culture and teenagers right there for you people. Elan smiled.

Love it? Hate it? Is it a sin to humanity?

Well, I await your judgement!

God Bless, and Bye!


Character Studies

When writing stories, the characters always come first for me. I’ll change their last name several times, I’ll forget why they’re saving the world in the first place and have to rewrite it, but I always remember the characters.

For me, there’s always a main character. They may be good, they may be evil, they may be somewhere in between, but the other characters exist in relation to them before they exist in relation to themselves.

For example, when we knew nothing about the Luke’s aunt and uncle in Episode IV, they were Luke’s Aunt and Uncle. They existed in relation to him, and then they gained their own complex characters over time. When we met Obi-Wan Kenobi, we knew he had a past, but first and foremost, he existed in relation to Luke Skywalker. That was why he was important to us first; because he was the crazy kid’s chaperone when Luke ran off to save the galaxy. Later, we saw his conflict, his emotions, his self-hatred.

First thing, though, he was a crazy old man.

Characters have to have reasons for what they do. Sometimes, they gain an entirely new backstory out of nowhere, and it makes their motivations so much clearer. When writing a story from first person POV, or third person POV, that person will likely not understand another person’s motivations until later, unless they know the person very well. That’s what’s nice about writing: it’s your first time meeting this character too, and by watching their behaviors, a backstory comes to mind.

One such difficult character for me was Elan Snyder. She showed up in my head one day, (I still remember the day,) threw herself lazily down on the couch, crossed her arms and said, “Well?” She just refused to leave.

First, I tried making her a happy character. She refused. It wasn’t in her to be like that. But it had been once. I could tell. She’d been very happy at one time, successful, in love with life, and something happened to make her fall out. That was when her accident came to mind. Elan suddenly became a cripple, the brilliantly independent girl became helpless, angry, off-putting–the change in character dynamic was astounding! Suddenly, she was intriguing, with a dark past, an angry loneliness, hidden righteousness, and a self-hatred and doubt that was naturally Elan, my girl, beautiful and broken.

Then, a boy knocked politely on the study door of my mind, and just stood there awkwardly. He told me he knew I was looking for a male main character. He told me his name was Randal, and then asked me what I was going to do.

I knew then, that Randal was Elan’s perfect balance. He was the guy I’d been looking for. Elan could exist in relation to him, and I could hide her backstory in little hints dropped here and there. I needed him to have motivation and darkness, and gradually, I discovered his case of self-doubt, pessimism and hidden emotion. He was perfect, the innocent new eyes I could turn on this world of intrigue. He was the understanding boy who could teach Elan to grow.

The plot came in leaps and bounds, but the characters were always there. I’ve never been able to plot out the story without the characters existing first, because their decisions are what shape the world.

That’s my rant for today. I’ll post a rant about strong female characters in a few days.

‘Bye guys! God bless.

I have loved too much (Free-form)

You know what I said about free-form poetry? Well; some of mine is here. This was inspired by the work of the amazing ErinKenobi who has a wordpress blog as well. Her writing is really beautiful and if you haven’t found it yet, I encourage you to read it. Anyhooo…

Here is the poem.

For I have loved too much

Stars remotely bless the heavens

Spattering the sky like white paint on a black palette

The moon glows and gleams,

Chock-like and face-like and a million miles away

Yet I have loved the stars too dearly.

Scratched on the back of my eyelids

Are memories immemorial,

And time uncounted.

For each day that passes, yet another falls from its courses

For we are born, we live, we die.

I have loved the sky too deeply.

Love pierces hearts, and a thousand thoughtless blessings

Curse us,

Or bless us, as the case may be.

Wishes are thrown away daily

Lives bleed out

On hard, cold, uncaring earth

And fire burns all things to ashes.

I have loved the moon too greatly.

The sun blindingly brings the dawn,

The stars rip themselves away from my adoring eyes

The sky wrings blue, blue, blue

The clouds tearing through, white, white, white

The sun at sunset, scarlet, scarlet, scarlet


The moon rises.

I have loved the heavens too sweetly.

Love is punished

Yet not to love would be like death, not living at all.

I have loved.


“Two roads diverged, in yellow wood,

and sorry I could not travel both,

and be one traveler, long I stood,

and looked down one as far as I could,

to where it bent in the undergrowth…” Robert Frost, The Road not Taken

Hello. It’s nice to meet you all. I’m making a blog, and of course, that means I’m going to need your patience and kindness in spending your time reading my work.

Gosh, I sound like I’m about 80 right now… Which is ridiculous, because the last thing I am is 80. (So not 80, if you’re confused. You probably are. I’m a teenager, we’re confusing, end of story.)

I like to write, and I love to read. I love teaching and learning with my work. I love Madeline L’Engle, J.R.R. Tolkien, and C.S. Lewis. I was raised on their work. I listened to Pride and Prejudice repeatedly from the time I was nine.

I’m a tea hound and I love coffee. I am Roman Catholic, and practicing.

Free-form poetry and snarky prose are my refuge from life. I’ll try to post frequently.

God bless!